Phase III: Trail Obstacle Course or PTV (Parcours en Terrain Varie)


This phase, generally 1km to 5kms long, consists of 10-16 TREC Obstacles worth 10 points each. Obstacles are judged on how accurately they are performed, the willingness of the horse, and correct use of the aids and position of the rider. While not a race, there is an overall maximum time set for the course. If the maximum time is exceeded time penalties accrue.

While this phase does include some cross-country jumping, the size of the obstacles is set according to the level of competition and each obstacle is optional and does not incur elimination if bypassed. The course also includes some tasks which must be undertaken while dismounted, as well as tests of obedience and calmness. It is designed to give an indication of the horse/rider’s suitability to cope with the kind of obstacles and difficulties that might be encountered while riding in the countryside, and demonstrate the partnership working calmly and efficiently together. This is often seen as the most exciting and popular phase for spectators.

LEVELS (Guidelines)

Trail Obstacle Course / PTV – Up to 160 points
Jump Maximum 2’-0” (.609m) 2’- 6” (.762m) 3’-0” (.914m) 3’-3” (1.07m)
Jump Minimum 1′ – 0” 2’-0” 2’-6” 3′-0”
Course Design:

Standard FITE widths used for all elements.


Easy distances between obstacles.


More challenging routes may be introduced.


Obstacle combinations introduced.


Combinations and more challenging routes to be expected.

Time Allowed: Ample Reasonable A Consideration A Factor
Maximum jump sizes are typically reserved for championship competitions. Participants are encouraged to wear body protectors.


TREC-USA OBSTACLES    Zip File (PDFs of Individual Obstacle Specifications / Score Sheets)

TREC-USA Obstacle Specifications   All Specifications Combined Into 1 PDF File

TREC-USA Obstacle Scoresheets   All Scoresheets Combined Into 1 PDF File


Coming Soon – Individual TREC-USA Obstacle Pages.  To Include:

  • Photos / Video showing the obstacle in use.
  • Individual score sheet and data sheet .pdf files
  • Rider Tips
  • Construction Tips