What Is TREC?

TREC is an international equestrian sport that tests the skills, confidence, and abilities of horses and riders or driving teams over various terrains and obstacles.

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The sport of TREC originated in France as a sport designed to test the skills of trekking guides working in the equestrian tourism industry. The name TREC is the acronym for Techniques de Rondonee Equestre de Competition. In the US it is simply known as TREC.

TREC takes two forms – Ridden TREC  and Driven TREC. The 3 phases of a Ridden TREC competition include Trail Orienteering, Control of Paces, and a Cross-Country Obstacle Course. The phases of a Driven TREC competition include Driven Orienteering, Control of Paces (MA) and Driven Obstacles.  Screenshot 2015-11-12 09.45.23The international governing body for the sport of TREC is the FITE – The International Federation of Equestrian Tourism. Today the sport of TREC is popular throughout Europe, and is gaining participants worldwide. FITE

Every four years the FITE hosts a TREC World Championship – the pinnacle of international trail competition.  In past years TREC-USA members have participated the TREC World Championships as both competitors and judges. Team TREC-USA

TREC Presentation Details About TREC includes examples of Ridden and Driven Obstacles

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