Organize an Event

TREC-USA provides support for members who wish to host TREC Events by offering

  • Event Insurance under the TREC-USA policy.
  • Lists of recognized TREC-USA Delegates and Instructors.
  • Permission to use TREC-USA rulebook and educational materials
  • Posting your event on the TREC-USA website and social media pages.
  • Approved use of the TREC-USA brand and logo in promotional documents, signage, and flyers for a specific sanctioned event.

TREC-USA_Event_Organizers_Handbook   08/18/17

TREC-USA Event Rulebook

TREC Rules and Scoresheets

Event Application Form

TREC-USA Delegates

TREC-USA Instructors

Event Report


For Use At Your Event:

Event Registration Form

Event Liability Form

Event Signage (zip)

What is TREC? (Handout)



Planning_A_TREC_Event / Course Setting Tips (Power Point)

Do you have specific questions about hosting an event?

Please contact our Events Coordinator at: