TREC Rules

FITE Rules

FITE is the international governing body for the sport of TREC. Generally speaking we follow  the FITE Rules.  The TREC-USA Obstacle Specifications and Scoresheets have been updated to clearly indicate obstacle specifications and scoring for different Levels of Riders.


TREC-USA 2017 Rules / Score Sheets

POR_Timecards_Scoresheets (zip)


TREC-USA OBSTACLES   Zip File (PDFs of Individual Obstacle Specifications / Score Sheets)

TREC-USA Obstacle Specifications   All Specifications Combined Into 1 PDF File

TREC-USA Obstacle Scoresheets   All Scoresheets Combined Into 1 PDF File


This document defines the general rules all types of TREC Events held in the United States, including safety requirements, trail etiquette, and a general breakdown of TREC Levels.