FITE Obstacle 19 – In-Hand Immobility

In-Hand Immobility Data Sheet (.pdf) | In-Hand Immobility Score Sheet (.pdf)


– The rider can enter the obstacle either ridden or leading the horse.
– The stirrups must be put up or crossed over the saddle if the rider leads the horse into the obstacle.
– When the horse or rider enters the inner circle, the first timer is started.
– The rider has 10 seconds to position the horse and come out of the inner circle.
– When the rider is between the two circles, a neutral non-timed zone, any action by the rider is considered a fault.
– When the rider comes out of the outer circle, the second timer is started and the rider must remain immobile.
– The timer stops when the rider acts or when the horse comes out of the inner circle.
– The horse can move within the small circle.
– The reins must be left free on the neck and the lead line attached.
– Use of the voice is authorized.


Two concentric circles:
– inner circle 4 meters diameter
– outer circle 8 meters diameter  N.B.: provide a closed area to avoid horses escaping
– 1 red flag and 1 white flag
– 1 number
– marking the equipment: sand, paint, etc.
– 1 timer


Showing the horse’s obedience and calm.


The horse must remain 10 seconds in the circle.
The rider is given 1 point per second during which the horse remains in the inner circle.


– 1 action: – 3 points
– 2 actions: – 6 points
– 3 actions: – 10 points


– Brutality
– Fall or horse or rider
– Dangerous method