FITE Obstacle 20 – Ridden Steady In The Saddle

Ridden Steady in the Saddle Sheet (.pdf) | Ridden Steady in the Saddle Score Sheet (.pdf)


The steady in the saddle phase is completed on flat ground in a 2.5m diameter circle drawn on the ground.

– The rider enters the obstacle in the saddle.
– The rider has 10 seconds to position the horse and release the reins after the first hoof crosses the line of the circle.
– A rider positioning the horse in the circle cannot be given circling penalties.
– The stopwatch is started when the rider has placed the reins freely on the horse’s neck.
– The lead rope must be attached.
– When the rider takes hold of the reins or the horse’s hoof goes outside the circle, the stopwatch stops.
– Use of the voice is authorised.


– 1 circle 2.5m in diameter marked on the ground.
– 1 red and white flag on a single stick.
– 1 number.
– 2 stopwatches.
– Plaster, sand, or other.


To demonstrate the horse’s submission and calmness.
The rider receives 1 point per second whilst the horse is inside the circle.


Circling, running out, refusal, rectified obstacle error.


Time during which the horse remains stationary in the circle.


– Brutality
– Fall of horse or rider
– Dangerous method
– Stoppage time not respected to position the horse in the circle and let go of the reins.