FITE Obstacle 23 – In-Hand, Mounting

In-Hand Mounting Data Sheet (.pdf) | In-Hand Mounting Score Sheet (.pdf)


The horse will be mounted on level ground in a circle of diameter 2.5 meters marked on the ground. The horse is halted in the circle, it is mounted from the left or the right. The rider may vault on the horse.

As soon as the horse has put a foot in the circle, the rider has 15 seconds to mount the horse without the horse moving any of its feet.

Mounting is considered to be finished when the rider has put both stirrups on his feet.

Stirrup(s) put on backwards = 1 penalty point.
Penalty for exceeding time = 1 point per second started.

The rider can enter the obstacle either ridden or in-hand.  Stirrups must be put up or crossed over the saddle if the rider comes into the circle with his horse in-hand.


– 2 flags
– 1 number
– 1 marking on the ground: sand, plaster, etc.
– 1 timer


We are looking for both horse and rider to be calm. The immobility of the horse and the precision of the rider.


– Any foot that moves
– Running out
– Stepping back
– Refusal
– Circling


– Loss of balance of the rider
– The rider makes the horse uncomfortable, banging with the leg, etc.
– The rider sits down heavily


– Brutality
– Fall of horse or rider
– Dangerous riding
– Foot out of the circle