Meet Team TREC-USA 2016!

Our team is comprised of both competitors and supporters from Kentucky, North Carolina, and Virginia. Support Team TREC-USA!

Stephanie Church, May 2015

Stephanie Church: Rider

Equestrian Background: I’m a lifelong rider, graduate C3 pony clubber, and 2014 United States Pony Clubs Academy of Achievement inductee. I evented through preliminary level as a young adult in Central Virginia, have started greenies and taken them to novice level, and have taught riding lessons to kids and the mounted police. I have bachelor’s degrees in equestrian studies and journalism, which I’ve combined for a career in equine media in Lexington, Kentucky. After a hiatus from horse ownership, I’m back and am currently aiming my off-track Thoroughbred, It Happened Again, for lower-level eventing.

TREC Experience: As a student at Averett College, I was on the first team representing the United States at the 1997 TREC World Championships, in France, where my claim to fame was successfully resetting a shoe using horseshoe nails, a fence tool, and duct tape. I navigated around Donegal, Ireland, in 2013, and have trail ridden and helped move cattle in Wyoming. In sum, I’ve managed to get lost on horseback and then find my way back to the barn again in three countries.

Other Skills and Interests: I’m the editor-in-chief of The Horse: Your Guide To Equine Health Care, its partner site,, and the Retired Racehorse Project’s Off-Track Thoroughbred Magazine. I am a past-president and former board of directors member for American Horse Publications, served on the board of UK Healthcare’s Saddle Up Safely, and was on the advisory board that launched the Lexington Explorium’s permanent exhibit Hold Your Horses. In addition to The Horse, I’ve also written about my international rides for Untacked Magazine and the Lexington Herald-Leader.


Angela Moore: Rider

Equestrian Background: 20 years riding experience. I bought my first horse while in graduate school at the University of California, Davis and was a barn supervisor at the UC Davis Equestrian Center. I currently ride my 12 year old off the track thoroughbred Primo in a variety of disciplines, including TREC events and limited distance endurance. I currently help to rehabilitate injured/starved horses through Rugby Creek Animal Rescue.

TREC Skills: I have been active in TREC-USA for several years; volunteer for TREC events, am certified as a TREC judge at the national level, and currently serve on the TREC-USA Board of Directors.

Other Skills and Interests: My educational background includes advanced degrees in Geology and also in Environmental Engineering, providing excellent map reading skills that come in very handy during the TREC orienteering phase!

Stephanie Church, May 2015

Paula Nelson: Rider

Equestrian Background: BS Equine Science, Meredith Manor graduate. 40 years foxhunting experience, currently board member and whipper-in at Sedgefield Hunt. Former first and second flight field master for over 20 years. Have state and national awards through second level dressage and training level eventing. Competed on national level in polocrosse; certified polocrosse umpire. Former 4-H coach and Pony Club DC. Trail ride extensively in mountains of NC and VA, including Mt. Rogers, Leatherwood.

TREC Skills: Have been involved with TREC for 2 years.

Other Skills and Interests: I run medical offices. Have extensive experience in handling multiple priorities and strong personalities to achieve common goals.


Mary Harcourt: Rider / Instructor / Training Event Organizer

Equestrian Background: I have ridden since childhood. I have shown hunters and jumpers, fox hunted, evented, driven carriages, and ridden many miles of trails. I have been an instructor for 40 years. Horses and all things about them have been my lifelong passion.

TREC Experience: I have been involved with TREC since 1997, have ridden in six TREC World Championships, and judged at three. I have served as President for USNETO / TREC-USA for many years, and remain active as an instructor, event organizer, and Trainer of International Judges. In addition, I am an honorary board member for both FITE and USNETO/TREC-USA.

Other Skills Interests:
Animal Science graduate from Virginia Tech with a master’s from George Mason,  past president of the Virginia Horse Council, former Director of Riding at Averett College and former instructor of Equine Science for the Moore County, NC schools.


Lauren Spillmann: Rider

Equestrian Background: I began riding at the age of 11. I competed in Western Pleasure, Trail, Western riding, Barrel Racing, pole bending, reining, calf roping and other events. Competed in AQHA shows and the High School Rodeo competition. In college participated in the Block and Bridle club. More recently have been riding with Sedgefield Hunt, foxhunting, and served as second flight fieldmaster. I have ridden with and taught with the Triad Pony Club. I have played Polocrosse with Carolina Polocrosse and competed at the National championship in 2004. I have been active in local government in order to secure a trail for equestrians in Guilford County.

TREC Experience: Have been involved with TREC for 2 years.

Other Skills and Interests: I am a practicing physician. I have an interest in wilderness medicine. I own and run Paradox Farm with 10 horses and a future flower farming operation. I have organizational skills and have overseen several businesses.


Kim Stoddard: Chef d’Equipe / Instructor / Training Event Organizer

Equestrian Background: Extensive youth riding experience including membership in US Pony Club & 4-H, and volunteer work in a Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program. I fox hunted regularly and showed horses and ponies Hunter and Equitation through junior division. As an adult I rode for many years with Netherwood Acres Farm, where I hunted with Rombout, Old Chatham, and Millbrook Hunts, and competed in hunter trials, hunter paces, and eventing. I also served 3 years as an Auxiliary Mounted Patrol Officer for New York City Parks Enforcement.

TREC Experience: Team TREC-USA Rider in 2012 World Championships. Have attended and photographed TREC European Championships in Italy and Netherlands. Currently serving as President of TREC-USA. TREC event organizer and instructor.

Other Skills and Interests: Former Creative Director in NYC. I continue to enjoy Photography, Art, and Design. I also have an ongoing love for horses, travel, and trail adventures both on foot and on horseback.



Lee Ann Bunn: Training Event Organizer / International Judge

Equestrian Background: Ridden several styles over the years – hunter, western, combined training, dressage, trail and TREC. Have also taught riding mostly to beginners.

TREC Experience: Training and experience as a Judge, schooled obstacles and POR, taught obstacles and POR, setup and assisted with obstacle and POR, and organized events. Am willing to participate in fundraising, training assistance with setup and support, scouting horses and team support overseas.


Tim Thomas: Support Team / International Judge

Equestrian Background: Many years of horseback riding – mainly trail riding. Served as hunting guide on extended trips that involved riding in to back country locations in the northern rockies. USEF / USEA “r” Course Designer.

TREC Skills: International Judge, Event Organizer, USNETO Board Member, Competitor in several TREC Competitions over the last few years.

Other Skills and Interests: I have led several overland Antarctic expeditions resupplying the South Pole station. Currently I work with several international polar programs providing engineering and design services. I have extensive experience in team building and have formed many cohesive and successful teams that have operated in very stressful and inhospitable conditions.


Kim Harrison: Instructor / Training Event Organizer

Equestrian Background: Lifelong rider with experience foxhunting, breaking horses for the track, schooling polo ponies, and teaching riding lessons.

TREC Experience: Active in TREC since 2011. Rode on Team TREC-USA at the TREC World Championship in fall 2012. I currently take part in planning TREC Trainings and teach TREC clinics. I consider TREC an ideal sport for all types of horses and riders – an obtainable challenge, a confidence builder, and a wonderful way to strengthen the skills of both horse and rider.

Other Skills and Interests: I currently ride as Whip for the Red Oak Hunt in Alberta Virginia and raise puppies for the Guiding Eyes for the Blind. I also raise sheep and create hand woven garments and textiles.


Celia Spillmann: Support Team

Equestrian Background: Pony Club graduate (C-2), I have been riding horses since I was 8 years old (now 29), and I am currently the farm manager for our own 10 horses for the past 13 years. I have also done extensive work barn and animal sitting, riding and training others horses, in home medical care for injuries and birthing horses. I am skilled in horse first aid, grooming, handling, handling, and exercising. My riding background includes fox hunting, polocrosse, show jumping, eventing, and trail riding. I have trained three of my own horses and have worked with many other horses that I was hired to help train. I am working on getting into mounted archery and TREC.

TREC Experience: I have recently joined TREC and have been to an obstacle clinic. I also practice on the farm with my mother, Lauren Spillmann, who is a riding competitor for this years TREC competition. We have built our own obstacles and practice orienteering.

Other Skills and Interests:I have completed a masters degree in sustainability studies and have started two new sustainable businesses this year. One is a flower farm, and the other offers a product to plant flower seeds – a handmade regenerative paper made from recycled junk mail and horse manure with flower seeds in it. I am a fan of all animals, especially 4-legged ones.


Dr. Lori Bidwell: Support Team

Equestrian Background: I grew up riding in 4-H in multiple disciplines.  This evolved into competition in eventing and the hunter/jumper circuit. I am a member of the Waterloo Hunt in Michigan and I have ridden through England, Ireland and Egypt.  I currently compete on the AA hunter/jumper circuit and occasionally in Pony Games.

TREC Experience: I have attended European TREC events but only on the ground and have recently been introduced to opportunities to ride TREC in the United States. I am excited about participating and promoting a sport that is challenging to both horse and rider that involves aspects of dressage, hunting and navigation.

Other Skills and Interests: I am a partner/veterinarian in an equine sports medicine veterinary practice based in Lexington, KY. My specialty is acupuncture, body work and pain management.  I can trim feet and tack shoes on.


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