Recognized TREC-USA instructors have shown the ability to successfully master TREC skills and to teach those skills to others. Our instructors are committed to teaching in a positive manner and to helping develop confidence between horse and human. Our instructors each possess:

 TREC Knowledge

Thorough up-to-date knowledge of TREC Rules. Has Completed Annual International Level Training for Judges, Riders, and Volunteers.

TREC Skills

Skill and Experience Training Horse and Riders or Drivers in flatwork, obstacles, and strategies to handle common trail situations. Orienteering instructors must have strong map skills and a clear understanding of reading terrain, setting pace, and using a compass.

TREC Experience

Our instructors have all participated in the sport of TREC as rider, driver, coach, judge, or team member.

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Note: You must be a member to be recognized.

TREC-USA recognized instructors:

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Kaye Handlon: Obstacles / COP
Fayetville, North Carolina
TREC-USA Member 2014-2017

Mary Harcourt: Obstacles / COP / Orienteering
Aberdeen, North Carolina
2012 Team TREC-USA Chef d’Equipe  and Rider – 2012 TREC World Championships, Mafra, Portugal / Rider: 2016 TREC World Championships, Segovia Spain

Honorary Board Member, USNETO

Kim Harrison: Obstacles / COP / Orienteering
Moseley, Virginia
2012 Team TREC-USA Rider: TREC World Championships, Mafra, Portugal

Paula Nelson: Obstacles  / COP
Reidsville, North Carolina
2016 Team TREC-USa Rider – TREC World Championships, Segovia, Spain

Kim Stoddard: Obstacles / COP / Orienteering
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
2016 Team TREC-USA Chef d-Equipe – TREC World Championships, Segovia Spain / Rider: 2012 TREC World Championships, Portugal
President USNETO