“How I Got Hooked by TREC” by Alex Minor

I am a fluffy rider with some physical challenges to riding. I fox hunt my draft crosses. I wanted to find something new to do with my horses. Something where my weight and the size of my horses wouldn’t matter. Somewhere supportive, somewhere I could belong.

I signed up for a TREC-USA clinic held at Sport of Horses Park. My A team gelding had popped an abscess, so I loaded up my B team mare and away we went. Pulling up at the venue, I was greeted by smiling faces and before I could fret, I was registered, tacked and seated with a group, maps before me, compass in hand. I felt so comfortable, the instructors were knowledgeable, there were riders of varying levels of TREC experience. An hour later, with the rudiments of Orienteering on horseback, the mare and I were out to practice TREC obstacles.

The mare, a green 10 year old, pranced her way around, while very patient instructors worked with us to be successful. Lunch, followed by a simple orienteering mounted ride had my confidence soaring. Now the big test, a small practice competition. Enter nerves again… would the mare leave the group, with me still on… could I remember the course… would I embarrass myself?

She would, I could and in the end there was no embarrassment. This group was so supportive, cheering each other on! I finished Reserve Champion. There were no negative comments, no I am too fat, my horse is too green words! Amazing. I ended the day feeling so accepted and accomplished, hooked to a fun group, all about you can do it!