Vote to amend current By-Laws

USNETO plans to vote on three amendments to the current by-laws on Sunday December 27th. These amendments are to facilitate the smooth functioning of the board.
The current by-laws require 2 board members on each committee. The first proposed amendment changes the requirement to 1 although more are always welcome and reads as follows:
Section 5.15. Committees. The committees of the Board of Directors shall consist of an Executive Committee and a Finance Committee. In addition, the Board of Directors may create such additional committees as it deems appropriate. One or more Members of the Board of Directors will serve on each committees.
The next two amendments allow the positions of Secretary and Treasurer to not be directors. If this option is used by the board, it can help create continuity over the years as these positions will be available for long-term appointments. These read as follows:
Section 6.4. Secretary. The Secretary may or may not be a director. The Secretary shall have the responsibility for preparing and maintaining custody of minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors in a book or books kept for that purpose and the responsibility for authenticating records of the Corporation. If not a director, the secretary will not have voting rights on Board concerns.
Section 6.5. Treasurer. The Treasurer may or may not be a director. The Treasurer shall be the general financial officer of the Corporation. The Treasurer shall have charge and custody of all funds of USNETO subject to the control of the Board of Directors. He or she shall deposit funds, pay authorized bills, keep full and accurate accounts of all receipts and disbursements and provide monthly financial reports. The Treasurer shall make an annual report to the membership of its financial condition. If not a director, the treasurer will not have voting rights on Board concerns.
The current by-laws require a board vote on these amendments.
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