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Driven TREC is a great sport for all types of driven equines from minis to draft horses. Mules and donkeys are always welcome to join in fun with us whether we are orienteering over trails with our compasses and our maps or developing skills through natural obstacles courses in a ring.

Two phases of Driven TREC:

      Phase 1: Driven Orienteering (POR)

      Phase 2: The Driven Obstacle Course (PTV)

Phase I: Driven Orienteering

Driven TREC with a Mini horse

The Orienteering phase of a TREC competition is designed to demonstrate skills need to navigate a mapped route in a time accurate manner.

In this phase, drivers follow a route at speeds set by the event organizer. Drivers come to unmarked checkpoints where their times are recorded and new speeds set. Drivers are judged based on the accuracy of speed and their ability to follow the designated course. Tools permitted include a watch, compass, and timetable. No GPS allowed!

Phase 2: Driven Obstacles

The Obstacle phase is comprised of both natural and simulated difficulties designed to test the skills and communication of the driver/horse teams. Obstacles are scored based on how effectively the obstacle is executed, the selected gait chosen by the competitor, and possible penalties. At the higher levels, this phase typically follows the POR, to test the aptitude of the horse(s) to perform after an intense and sustained effort.

Levels of competition:

L1-2: At the lower levels the orienteering course is shorter and speeds less demanding, and obstacles are more appropriate for beginners or more casual drivers.

L3-4: At these levels, both phases become more challenging in distance and speed, and require greater skill and fitness levels to complete.

Scoring and Rules:

2016 FITE Driven TREC rules

Driven TREC Obstacle Descriptions and Scoresheets (2008)

Other ways to enjoy driven TREC:

Skills Building Clinics – To learn or refine the skills needed in a competition.
Orienteering Training Rides – To develop and practice map skills.
Recreational TREC Events – Trail adventures,  practice competitions (Judged Pleasure TREC drives / Scavenger Hunts) and more!
Judge, Event Organizer, driver and Instructor Trainings.
TREC Talks – Hosted online presentations and discussions
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