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This page has the most recent revision of USNETO policies, recognized TREC publications, and regulations from the FITE.

Event Organizers Handbook

TREC USA Sport Rules

FITE, International Driven TREC Rules, 2016

FITE, International Ridden TREC Rules, 2021

FITE, International Judges Criteria

TREC, Driven Obstacles, Descriptions and Scoresheets

TREC, Ridden Obstacles, Description and Scoresheets

TREC-USA National Guidelines, 2018

USNETO Board Responsibilities on Committees


USNETO By-Laws, Amendments, December 2, 2020

USNETO Code of Conduct for Board Members

USNETO Code of Conduct for Members

USNETO Due Process Policy

USNETO Grievance Instructions and Complaint Form

USNETO Membership Form