FITE Updates

FITE has released the details of the championship events that will be held in 2024. The TREC Junior and Young Rider World Championships as well
as the TREC Seniors European Championship will be held September 4th through 7th at Landgoed De Bossenhoeve in Schajik, Netherlands. The Working
Equitation Junior, Young Riders and Seniors European Championships will be held October 16th through 21st at the Haras National d’Uzes in France. There are also two training dates set for each sport. The TREC Trainers of International Judges and POR Course Designers will be held March 8th though 10th in
Schajik, Netherlands while the Working Equitation training will be April 27th through 28th in Fleury d’Aude, France. FITE allows two attendees per NETO for the TREC Trainer of International Judges. Those interested in representing
USNETO should reach out to the general inbox to learn more about qualifications and the reservation process. Several other events have been announced as well. The 2nd International Meeting of Equestrian Tourism will take place in Rome, Italy on May 3rd and 4th. Raid du Centaure 2024 which is a two day, overnight, orienteering race will take place March 8th-10th in Catalonia, Spain after being
hosted for several years in France. Normandy, France will host the 2025 Equirando which is a non-competitive event where riders cover a minimum of 100 km and celebrate with a three day festival. Updates to the international TREC and Working Equitation regulations were also announced and are now available for viewing on FITE’s website. Updates to TREC PTV data sheets for several
obstacles were also made.
Additional information on these events and changes can call be found at

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