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A recognized Technical Delegate’s (TD) primary responsibility is to ensure the welfare and safety of the horses and riders at all recognized competitions.

TD’s duties include:

  • To provide appropriate guidance to organizers and competitors.
  • To ensure events are conducted in accordance with the rules.
  • To supervise all briefings or alternately present the briefing.
  • To inspect and approve venue facilities and competition arenas both before and during competition. These areas include all areas related to the competition.

A USNETO recognized TD will be thoroughly familiar with the contents of all relevant rule books to assist the management, volunteers, and competitors in making decisions that reflect the intent of the rules. The TD will assist with any problems during the competition by being a member of the ground jury. The TD is the direct conduit back to USNETO for future improvement of the sport.

TREC-USA Technical Delegates (TDs):

Mary Harcourt

Alex Minor