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TREC-USA is a volunteer run organization. We rely on member support to thrive and encourage members to get involved by joining a committee, planning an event, or volunteering to help out with a specific event or task. We welcome your enthusiasm and expertise! To volunteer please contact us at usneto.trecusa@gmail.com.

Become an Event Volunteer:

Help out with an event planned by the organization. Events include not only Clinics and Competitions but Fundraisers, Trade Shows / TREC Demos, Presentations, Member Meetings and more! We always need volunteers to help with event preparation and to help run the show on the day of the event. To volunteer to help with a specific event please contact the event organizer listed on the calendar or contact usneto.trecusa@gmail.com.

Join a Committee:

A list of the Committees follows. If you are interested and able to contribute in any of the following areas please email us at usneto.trecusa@gmail.com. Please include the name of the committee or event in the subject line.

BD- Board of Directors member     C- Chairman

Development / Equestrian Tourism Committee

To work with the board to devise a strategic development plan for the organization, to research models for expansion and possible partnership opportunities. To develop a report on equestrian tourism events and opportunities in the USA.

Committee Members:

Alex Minor (C),  Mary Harcourt

Driven TREC Committee

An initiative to develop Driven TREC. Committee members to contact National Driving Organizations and seek potential interest and host venues.

Committee Members:

Linda Sewall (BD)

Ethics Committee

To diligently work towards conflict resolution, hear complaints arising from USNETO/TREC-USA members and help develop working policies that support the aforementioned goals.

Committee Members:

Alex Minor (C), Jennifer McRae (BD), Laurie Hamilton

Fundraising / Sponsorships Committee
To work with the board to plan and organize fundraising events, and to seek sponsorships / sponsor members and donations, and to research grant opportunities. To potentially also include development of the TREC Store, to source goods, and to manage the sale of TREC merchandise.

Committee Members:


Nominating/ Elections Committee

To accept nominations and seek qualified individuals to run in elections for Board of Directors. To run fair and transparent elections for Board of Directors open positions.

Committee Members:

Alex Minor (C), Carmalee Scarpitti (B), Mary Harcourt

PR and Member Communications

To work with the board to seek articles, interviews, and outreach opportunities. To help maintain clear and professional channels of communication with our members via the website, social media, and the newsletter.

Committee Members:

Mary Harcourt(C), Linda Sewall (BD), Alex Minor

Sport Committee

To work with the board to develop National TREC event rules, safety standards, define competition levels and devise a scoring system for year-end awards. To maintain lists for judge’s accreditation and instructor recognition. To also address topics pertaining to International Competitions and Teams.

Committee members:

Alex Minor (BD), Linda Sewall (C)

Organize an Event: Help organize an Event for TREC-USA or host your own

Other: Share your ideas! If you are interested in working on a TREC related initiative not listed, send your proposal to usneto.trecusa@gmail.com.